Our Promise

  • Professional & Efficient

    We maximize training time with an emphasis on quality.

  • Thousands of Touches

    We ensure each player gets thousands of touches and countless repetitions.

  • Fun Atmosphere

    We promote a fun atmosphere through small-sided games and free play.

  • What Our Clients Say


    I love Triangle Soccer because of their focus on ball skills. Since joining, I have witnessed my son’s skill level increase significantly. Recently, other parents noticed and asked what we were doing. I strongly recommend Triangle Soccer to any family looking to support their child’s soccer development.

    David Maxwell

    My daughter and I look forward to Triangle Soccer sessions because we know she is getting better. Before joining Triangle Soccer, she could barely juggle five times. Now her personal best is over 100 and counting. We recommend Triangle Soccer for all players looking to improve.

    Mary Jacobs

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    • The Only Four Ways to Get Better...

      One thing I love about youth soccer is that it provides an opportunity for me to share valuable life lessons with my son. This post was inspired by one such conversation while riding home from practice.
      Like all dutiful soccer parents, I always encourage my son …

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    • The Most Important Skill In Youth S...

      Recently, I published an ebook entitled The Most Important Skill in Youth Soccer – where I explained why the ability to dribble with every step is the most important skill in youth soccer. The feedback I received was great but I felt that some readers …

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    • What is Your Club’s Philosoph...

      Ask any American parent what they expect from a competitive youth soccer club and you will hear a variation of the following answer; “We want a club that focuses on player development – not just winning.”
      This sounds good, but I suspect most American parents don’t …

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    • Why Ball Mastery? Technical Players...

      Master the Ball, Master the Game

      What is Ball Mastery?  – In short, Ball Mastery Training places an emphasis on the player’s technical ability. In soccer, technical ability covers a player’s first-touch, passing, finishing and dribbling – especially in tight areas with pressing defenders. Players who …

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    • START NOW! Every Player Has An Extr...

      Key Takeaways

      1) Team practice is not enough
      2) 15 min before and/or after practice equals 40 to 80 hours a year of extra training.
      3) With relatively little effort, your child will become much stronger on the ball.
      4) …

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    • The Most Important Skill in Youth S...

      Learning to dribble with every step is the most important skill in youth soccer.

      I am Neil Crawford; Dad, Coach, Blogger, and Founder of Triangle Soccer. Occasionally, I will share a few tips that I have learned over the many years of watching youth soccer.
      Key Takeaways

      1) Strong …

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    The Most Important Skill in Youth Soccer

    Sharing this knowledge will literally change your player’s entire game forever.