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About Us

Welcome to Triangle Soccer.  Triangle Soccer host weekly training sessions which helps players improve ball mastery in a friendly atmosphere. Over the years, we have seen players blossom in skill and in confidence. Small groups meet weekly for technical training and small-sided free play games. All ages and abilities are welcomed. The cost is only $5 per class per child. Here is what you can expect to gain from joining the Triangle Soccer group and attending regular sessions.

Thousands of Extra Touches per Week – Players aren’t getting enough touches in practice. Our program is designed to ensure each player gets thousands of touches regardless of skill level.

Low Cost – Modest fee so parents feel comfortable attending regularly.

Fun Atmosphere – We incorporate small-sided games and lots of free-play.

Attention to Detail & Efficiency – We squeeze more touches out of an hour and 30 minutes then most players get at practice all week.

A “Back to Basics” Approach – We ensure each player develops at their own pace.

Homework – Team practices are not enough to achieve balling mastery. We provide guided resources to help players improve their skills at home.